Show Notes:

"You Don't Own Me" sung by Altercation Dreamer Solutions.

Altercation has an encompassing identity and a passionate belief that "Love conquers all!" You can find out about her healing ceremonies, music and dance at her website here.

Fast Facts about HPV by the Down There Health Collective.

DTHC is a group of folks based in DC that believe learning how to take care of ourselves is vital to feeling good, being autonomous, and accomplishing whatever we set our minds to. Download the full HPV zine here.

Article #1:

Involuntary Sterilization in the United States: A Surgical Solution,

Reilly P.; The Quarterly Review of Biology, 1987

Read full article here.

Article #2:

Read about California State Prison compulsory sterilization program here.

Hysterics Part 2: Procedure and Recovery